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What is an album?

An album is a collection of pictures that represent your family at one point in time in history. In the Gallery, every row represents a new album.

What is a gallery?

A collection of albums is called a Gallery. A gallery is a collection of pictures that represent your family over a period of time. In a very stylized way, you can see how your family matures and how your sons become fathers and your daughters become mothers.

Who can be  members of my gallery?

Your family members

Can I invite people to become a member of my gallery?

Today the Gallery has one administrator and he/she adds members and pictures. In the near future you will be able to invite members and they will be able to take care of their own pictures and profiles

How do I become a member of the website?

Click on the Join Us button on the homepage and fill in the form. You will receive an email with a confirmation link. By clicking on that link you will become a member of the website. Only after you have done that you can start using the website and create your gallery. If you don’t see our email in your inbox, please check the junk folder of your email account. If it is there, then please add us to your trusted email accounts.

How do I create a Gallery?

Once you have confirmed your membership (see above) you will be able to log in. After you log in click on the My Gallery tab in the header of the homepage. You will have to fill in some details of your gallery. After saving the details you will see your gallery for the first time.. For now, you are the only member. You can add members by clicking on the Add Members link and you can add Albums by clicking on the Add Album link. Once you have done that, you will see grey placeholders with a silver camera. By clicking on the camera you can add pictures to your gallery (see the next question on how to add pictures)

How can I add pictures to my gallery?

When you click on My Gallery in the header of the website you get two options. Select Edit Gallery. You will see your Gallery in edit mode with placeholders for every member and album where you have not yet added a picture. If you click on the silver camera on the grey placeholder you will have the option to Add a Picture.

Adding pictures happens in two steps.

Do I need many pictures?

The more pictures you have spanning a wide timeframe provides the best result. If you don’t have a large collection of pictures to choose from, then you can simply start today with your first album. It may take a bit of time to build up some history, but with our efficient upload tools and email reminders, we will make it easier for you to do so.

What do you use the email reminder for?

We have noticed that it is difficult for our members to establish a routine of taking the pictures. The email reminder sends an email on a day chosen by you to remind you to make a new album for your gallery.

What is Linking?

When a person is a member of your gallery, but he is also a member of another gallery, it is possible to link the two galleries. To do this, go to the other gallery and click on the Linking icon that appears when your mouse hovers over the name of the member you want to link to. Pre-requisite for linking is that the member has the same email address in both galleries. Linking will fail is this is not the case.

Why do I need to provide the email of the members of my gallery?

Please see the question on Linking. We only need the email the members of your gallery if you want to link your gallery to another gallery with the same member(s). We will never send email to the members of your gallery

What is Following?

Following is similar to favorites or bookmarks. After you click on the heart icon behind the name of the Gallery you want to follow, it is added to your Profile page providing you with an easy means to re-visit the gallery. You can remove the following by going to the gallery you’re following and clicking on the heart shaped icon again. Alternatively you can go to the Edit Profile page and remove the favorite from there.

Why do you want to know the date when the picture was taken?

In the near future we will introduce new functionality that uses this.

Can I have more than one gallery?

Yes, but for now, you will have to create a separate account for each gallery.

How do I change the order of the Albums and Members?

When you are in the Edit Gallery page, you can drag and drop the Albums and Members. This changes the order of the rows and columns.

How many Albums can I create?

As many as you want

How many members can my gallery have?

Including yourself, the gallery can have 6 members

Can I change my password?

Yes, on your profile page is a link called Change Password that will allow you to do this.

Can I change the email account associated with family gallery?

Yes. On the Edit Profile page you can change your email. We will send you a confirmation email with a link you have to click on. Once you have done that, the email will be changed . Please remember that your email is also your username.

Do you have any tips?

  1. Start today, we will help you build the history.
  2. You can use Picasa Face recognition to scan your library and help you find good pictures where the faces are clearly visible. You cana los use Picasa to rotate the picture slightly if the selection of the picture you want to use is not straight.
  3. If you want to use print pictures , in stead of using a scanner you can use your mobile phone to take a picture of the picture you want to use. You have many applications that can help you do this.


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A couple of years ago we Stumbled Upon a website build by Diego Goldberg. Every year, on the 17th of June he takes a picture of his family. Since a few years he publishes these pictures in a gallery on the internet and the website attracts millions and millions of visitors.

Many of these visitors leave comments saying that they would love to create such a gallery for their own family, but in reality most don’t for many reasons.

With this website we try to take away some of these reasons and our main purpose is to make it easy for you to create and share your family gallery.

Many people from all over the world have worked on this project but some deserve to be credited:

Puja Gupta & her team
Technical Leadership
& Software Development

Jeroen Trienes & his team
User Interface Design

Thanks to all who participated in creating this labor of love.

We hope you enjoy using our website and we are looking forward to seeing you and your family evolve on your gallery.

Martijn Magermans Founder


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